Toni Morrison famously said: “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet; then you MUST write it.” As a coach & an individual committed to personal & professional transformation, I kept looking for an Inspiration Deck and was not able to find one that completely met my needs or the needs of my clients. So I decided to just make one myself – and I got a lot of help and creative input from my friend and collaborator Sushil chikane.

Together, we have created 31-card deck to inspire you daily with a beautiful quote and a short practice to grow and deepen your own transformation. Every quote has been chosen with care and then matched with equal love and attention with an original photograph by Sushil. We hope that the beautiful images and design will make your experience a real treat!

What you get with each deck: An organic cotton bag, the 31-card Deck and a manual with suggestions on how to use the Deck.