Circle of Dance

15th September, 2018 ~ Pune, India

Each month, Dr. Nikita Mittal and I co-facilitate the Circle of Dance – a community event – that celebrates the ease and joy of dancing.  We dance for an hour and then express what emerges from the dance…in a circle of sharing.  The Circle ends with silence!

Walk In…Dance Out!  Reclaim the joy in your life.


Building a Conscious Brand

24-25 November, 2018 ~ Pune, India

Today more than ever before, we are seeking meaning in our lives – all areas of our lives!  We want to have it all and make sure that others can do so too.  Our businesses and brands, then, need to deliver both profit and impact.  We want to share products and services to clients in a way that creates value and makes a difference.

Spend 2 days immersing in processes that will help you discover, clarify and sharpen alignment of value and vision, build brand messages that reflect your “why” and create client satisfaction and tools that keep you on track and accountable!