Hi and welcome to my zany, juicy, inspired world! I am Kashmira and I love to explore, learn & understand myself, the world around me, and the infinity inside me. I am lucky to share this commitment to personal growth with hundreds of Indian professionals like you. Your transformation is my business!

Every day I am dreaming up new and fun ways to facilitate personal and professional transformation – these dreams eventually become the learning events that I host all over the country. I would love to have you join the Learning Essence tribe too – so make time today to connect with me!

Now the boring stuff… I am an electrical engineer by profession and I spent 13 years in the telecommunication industry with giants like AT&T, Lucent and finally Airtel. During this time, I travelled the world and carried out various assignments from site engineer to technical director. I have lived and worked in various cities in India, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, North, Central & South America. I am also a certified holistic health counselor and Vinyasa yoga teacher. When I am not coaching bright and shiny people, I love to be on the mat, in the pool, at the movies or with my nose buried in my Kindle!



In 2012, my friend and collaborator on various projects, Kunaal Yoddha and I started talking about a need to nurture bright professionals to grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Clearly, the future depends on being able to prepare leaders at a consistent pace to meet the demands of our increasingly complex world. We had many intense conversations over the next 6 months and together we put together a Leadership product – a workbook that embodied what we felt was the foundation to groom and grow leaders organically. We felt that like beautiful and fragile saplings, high performing, high potential men and women need the skills and exposure to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of leadership in the workplace. This product, our first & flagship, serves as a description and a vision of the brand – a tool that enables professionals to build successful & fulfilling careers & lives. Over the years, we have expanded our services and products and kept the vision the same: grooming & growing leadership by design! We have taken time to expand & clarify leadership – simply put, leadership is the art, science & skill of holding a space where transformation of oneself & others becomes possible!