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Late last month, we began composting our wet waste at home. We had the best support ever from Bangalore based Daily Dump and their Pune representative Shraddha Rajwaday in equipping us. They provided us with a beautiful terracotta compost pot tower, the dry mix, the microbes, a rake and above all, the most informative booklet ever!

It took me 20 minutes to set up the compost pot and add in the first lot of wet waste. And another few minutes to take photos J Voila we were on our way! I walked back into my office with a bit of swagger…and the contentment grew when I saw that the only waste we put out that day for collection was dry and mostly recyclable!

Now we are on day 7 and the first pot is almost full. I have started to realize that it will take 6 weeks for the waste to just begin to compost and over 6 months before it is reusable as fertilizer. That means that we will have to invest in a leave in pot to accommodate all the wet waste we create.

PS thank god for the amazing video from Daily Dump that explains the process and shows you all the elements!

Here are my learnings so far:

  1. Don’t even think of doing this without some help.
  2. Getting all the elements in one place before you begin makes the process easier.
  3. You are doing something that you need to sustain over weeks, months and years – so be prepared for the long haul, take baby steps and expect to make mistakes!
  4. Pay attention to how much waste you are creating – reduce before you recycle.
  5. Finally, notice how much lighter you feel in your space outside and inside.

Composting…my time to reduce, recycle & reflect!

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