I am just back from an amazing 5 weeks in Australia delivering several transformation events interspersed with holiday time & of course retail therapy!

Today I want to reflect on the impact of sharing my work in this beautiful, high-vibration country with you. As always, I can only describe how this experience has shifted me personally & professionally and I hold the intention that reading about it may trigger something for you too!

The events were varied and included a 2-day Playshop, a series of 3 evening sessions and then a 4-day residential retreat. The content and the processes were different and the import the same: to inspire & nurture transformation. What is transformation, you might ask? Transformation is the 180-degree shift in our response to life from primarily being driven by external stimulus to being powered from the inside – by our core value, life purpose & vision!

As the participants and I explored the structures and processes, here is what happened for me – in bullet points of course to honor the electrical engineer in me ☺

1. I rediscovered the power and simplicity of this Transformation work that I share – anew, with fresh eyes and clear heart. Eleven years on, it has created this feeling of wonder in my heart and given me a mega energy boost for my life & my work.
2. I felt unswerving trust that all of us – human beings everywhere regardless of all our differences in form, gender, opportunity and geography – are the same. We have the same need for acknowledgement, for validation that our lives stand for something and for love – to give it & receive it!
3. Paradoxically, I also noticed how each one of us is completely unique – during the events it was powerful to notice that each person responded and received in their own special way! I could see that the world needs each of us to be exactly who we are, and blossom and flower in our own potentiality rather than follow or imitate anyone else.
4. Now something specific about Australia – I came away rejuvenated by the hope, the get-up-and-go spirit, the kindness towards strangers and strong sense of justice that I experienced in all the people I met in my events and elsewhere. The world can learn a lot from Australia as I did in 5 short weeks.
5. I have absolute confirmation that wellness matters – movement, meditation and breathing create a body-mind-soul complex that has the vitality to support your life journey. When you make yourself well in one area, then that wellness feeds all areas of your life. And it is never to late to get started.
6. I have to end with love of course – the greatest gift of this Aussie adventure has been the care, support and love I received from my friend Tracy. I know more than ever that love actually does make the world go around – her total commitment to make my stay comfortable and fun is the foundation of what I was able to deliver forward. I know that the events and this summer were magical because they were powered & propelled by this love!

PS As I write this note, I can tell you that new adventures beckon already – my inbox and message bin has been streaming with more opportunities to travel, to share my work with new people and to continue to have conversations that inspire & nurture transformation.

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The Aussie Summer of Transformation!

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