Being an Environment and Development Student, it is natural that I feel for the natural world. In today’s time and age kids hardly learn anything from nature. I might be partially wrong but I have no worries about being partially correct. No outdoors and therefore no healthy learning! It’s a world of an ever increasing use of gadgets and therefore in numerous risks. Not only do they have health hazards from their electromagnetic radiations but the notion that it takes ample amount of unnecessary time of your life away from your natural surroundings.

The simple natural phenomenon of transforming sunlight into food, by a leaf in the natural world is invisible and yet we take it for granted the wonders nature can do over and over again. This sets a model for our ability to achieve anything. Leadership is only a mental block. Having the courage to do the impossible is not difficult. Another interesting example is to learn from Ants. They are efficient and teach us a lot about leadership. Research finds that, Ants are highly social creatures. They have only one common motive and that is survival, they embrace change and work in a team. We as humans should approach work and communications naturally. This right common intent (just like the ants) can drive any organization in a needed direction.

Being in nature sparks fantastic, important, creative work from people such as philosophers, artists, etc., but it can also offer lessons for basic living. For instance, how to be healthy, how to be calm, and how to find balance. By simply taking the time to appreciate nature some very important life lessons can be learnt as it serves as a magnificent classroom.

Learning from Nature

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